Your training to become a traffic cadet

Do you want to supplement your pocket money and are at least 13 years old when the education starts (March-June)? Would you like to actively participate in the life of the traffic cadets?

Then you’ve come to the right place, because we are always looking for new traffic cadets.

The training starts every spring and lasts about three months and takes up part of the spare time. Admission to the Saanenland Traffic Cadets is dependent on personal suitability.

Every traffic cadet is obliged to take part in the exercises as well as in the assignments assigned to him/her.

During the missions, each traffic cadet is insured against accidents and liability.

Your advantages with us

  • Interesting missions

    Every mission is different and always offers new challenges that you can grow with.

  • Earnings

    When you're a teenager, money isn't exactly easy to come by. So why not earn some extra money with a cool hobby?

  • First aid course

    After successful completion of the training, we will give you the first aid course worth CHF 160.00 as a gift.

  • Friendship & Cohesion

    Whether you make new friends with us or come with your current friends - you can rely on us.

What you bring along

You are at least…

years old

You are at least…

0 cm

You live within a radius of…

0 km
around Gstaad

Training procedure

  • 1. Registration

    Do you also want to become a traffic cadet? We look forward to receiving your registration via the registration form.

  • 2. Registration confirmation

    As soon as you have registered, you will receive a confirmation of registration and an invitation to the information afternoon.

  • 3. Information afternoon

    An information afternoon is held between February and March. You will get an insight into the association and our activities.

  • 4. Training

    Traffic cadet training takes place between March and June. The training includes the following topics, among others: Traffic regulation, parking services, radio, accident assistance, first aid, signalling and markings.

  • 5. Final exam

    In June, you will take a written and a practical final exam. You will then gain practical experience in numerous missions in the regions of Saanenland, Pays d'Enhaut and Obersimmental.

  • 6. Completion of training

    At the annual general meeting in March of the following year, you will receive your personal training certificate and will be officially accepted into the association at the request of the technical management.