The Saanenland Traffic Cadets

  • Local

    All members of the association have grown up in the Saanenland, are firmly rooted there and know the area like the back of their hand.

  • Experience

    The Saanenland traffic cadets have been carrying out their activities for more than 20 years and therefore have many years of experience in traffic services.

  • Quality

    Every traffic cadet enjoys competent and extensive training, which is concluded with a written and practical final examination - and thus everything is done to be able to perform every mission smoothly and competently.

Our 2023 in numbers

Operating hours

Mission area

Our mission area is mainly in the Saanenland, Pays-d’Enhaut, Obersimmental and regions of the Niedersimmental. On request also in other regions.

We also have a permit from the Bern Cantonal Police to carry out traffic management throughout the Canton of Bern.


Operating time

An mission includes the following times, which are charged per traffic cadet:

  • The journey time from Gstaad to the place of deployment
  • The time spent at the site
  • The return journey from the place of deployment to Gstaad
From 06:00 until 22:00Price
Per operation leader and mission hourCHF 30.00
Per group leader and mission hourCHF 27.00
Per traffic cadet and mission hourCHF 20.00
From 22:00 to 06:00Preis
Per operation leader and mission hourCHF 40.00
Per group leader and mission hourCHF 40.00
Per traffic cadet and mission hourCHF 30.00


In each mission, the following costs are also charged, depending on the situation.

Administrative workPrice
According to expenditure / per hourCHF 30.00
Per radio and day of useCHF 15.00
Mileage expenses for mission vehiclePrice
Per kilometre and vehicleCHF 1.00
Per traffic cadet deployed (if not handed over by client)CHF 20.00

Rent radios

You can also rent radios from us individually for your event. 

1 day / per pieceCHF 25.00
2 to 4 days / per pieceCHF 40.00
5 to 8 days / per pieceCHF 55.00
9 to 14 days / per pieceCHF 70.00

Mission request