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  • Traffic regulation

    In heavy traffic, we have the overview and ensure a rolling and safe traffic flow.

  • Road closures and diversions

    Where necessary, we close off individual stretches of road and use well-signposted diversions to ensure that every road user reaches their destination.

  • Route protection

    We ensure safe road sections and crossings at moving events (parades, runs, races, etc.).

  • One-way traffic

    In the case of lane narrowing, we ensure two-way traffic routing.

  • Parking service

    In the event of large parking space requirements, we provide parking space management and ensure orderly stationary traffic.

  • Access and access control

    Wherever necessary, we cordon off roads and paths to ensure access control to the event.

  • Ticketing

    We provide ticketing for events with paid parking.

  • Planning

    We would be happy to advise you - develop and create a traffic and/or parking concept.

  • Rental equipment

    For temporary and minor interventions in road traffic, we rent out radio equipment and signalling material.


Thanks to the many years of activity of the Saanenland traffic cadets in the region, many companies and events have already benefited from our services.